[Suggestion] Change on Items Spawnrate | Vehicle Adjustments

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Sun Jun 27, 2021 1:44 am

I'm sure many of you have accumulated loads of items throughout a few hours of looting, and I'm sure you have gotten bored of simply "looting" as you already have most of the items in the server, the only thing you can do is get more of food and water supplies and ammunition.

I myself have +20 fish fingers, milk, juice and water, which I've acquired in just 2 hours probably.
Alongside that, throughout my entire time period I've gotten 300+ 7.62mm, 400 9mm, 250 12 gauge, 2000 jerrycans. It's obviously ridiculous, at least in my opinion.

My suggestion would be to lessen the spawnrate, depending on the size of an interior, spawn a few items, an example for the typical 24/7 interior, be it 2-3 items, Hospital/PD about 5, on the current PD mapping there's at least 15 spots, which can instantly fill your inventory up, as multiple items can spawn at one spawnpoint.

Regarding vehicles, there's at least one or two vehicles on each corner, I personally saw two SULTANS at one mansion, 10 minutes in when I first joined which made me question the system a bit. It's obvious they need a huge nerf as it makes walking unecessary, you can easily get around with a car, even though you have loads of blockades on the road.

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