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Thu Jul 01, 2021 7:38 pm


July 1st, 2021

Updates, story spotlights, future plans, staff updates

Hi there! Welcome to the very first newsletter!

The server has been up for more than 4 weeks now, without any noticeable downtime. During this time over 250 game accounts were created, at least 270 humans died, 30 characters murdered someone and 7000 zombies were slain.


Recently we updated to Desolation 1.2. The storage safes, vehicle fuel and various commands were the most notable new features.

/debugme - Instant teleport to the Unity Station.
/frisk - You can pat down someone to view their inventory.
/shop - Purchase items in the microcity stores.
/talkstyle - Wave around your hands whenever your talk.
/ddo - Send a "door do" from the entrance, so others inside can see how you roleplay exploding the house knocking on the door.
/ds - Similarly to /ddo, shout inside through the door.
/factionskin and /privateskin - You can have a private skin either available only to you or a faction.

While we put a pause on private skins, @Stones is going to roll out a set of guidelines before we return to adding them.

Certain admin system have been updated, to ensure we can put in better work for the community. From these you might see notifications and more reliable admin "checks".

Story spotlights

Scarville went through various leaderships. The city administrator, Ellie Johnson was overthrown by her own security forces strengthened by the National Guard remnants. It seems like the citizens are not bothered by the sudden change, even though the gates are operated with severely less restrictions. Anyone may enter without a check, which poses serious threat.

Terminal's governor, Yorne Whitewood went missing. Rumors of bandits circled in the outpost. Only members of The Ossuary are sure where Yorne's remains are. One thing's sure, the city is in grave danger without someone to protect them.

Perhaps big cities are not meant to survive?

Future plans

While Stones has been planning a base building system, I have prepared our ideas to make attachments soon possible. We appreciate your suggestions, and us our personal time allows us to progress we do consider all of them.

Staff updates

Our staff recruitment is currently open! If you are interested please check this thread.

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